RCS will be actively recruiting Canadian teachers for all subject areas from January to March 2022, as well as teachers of Arabic and Islamic studies from the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region.

Who are we looking for?

RCS will recruit professional staff that is highly educated, culturally aware, supportive, respectful and motivated to achieve success for their students. We invite innovative leaders in Canadian and international education to join our world class faculty.

Preferably someone with experience teaching the Canadian curriculum


Class TeachersKG to grade 5
English Teacher6 to 12
Science Teacher6 to 12
Math Teacher6 to 12
Social Studies Teacher6 to 12
Physical Education TeacherAll grades
Art TeacherAll grades
French TeacherAll grades
Music TeacherAll grades
Learning Support TeacherKG to grade 12
Resource TeacherKG to grade 12
Design/ Technology  
Vice Principal 
IB Coordinator 
CAS Coordinator 
business job interview concept